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I have had the privilege of working with Lynne Damianos for the past eleven years. Our company does between five and seven on-site architectural interior photo shoots per year, and we have had great success as a result of choosing Damianos Photography.

It is obvious that they have talent, both technical and creative, but until you work with them, you don’t know how efficiently they use time. One of the biggest strengths of Damianos Photography is that they do a great job in a short amount of time. Through their experience and knowledge in preparing a site, an area is quickly set up, cleaned up, and shot appropriately. The on-site team comes well prepared. Their skillful abilities with the computer also save me time. I have always been pleased with the value I get for my dollar.

I have been especially impressed by their outstanding communication throughout the entire project. From working with my schedule and site availability, gaining permissions, determining the appropriate shots, editing, and final processing, the communication has always been great; in fact they are the most professional vendor I work with. The in-house staff demonstrates excellent customer service, and the photographer and owner have always been available to me by phone. Vendors like Damianos Photography make my job easy, and make me look like a hero when the photos arrive.

I constantly get compliments on the photography in our literature and on our website that were taken by Damianos Photography. I highly recommend them for any of your architectural photography needs.

Rand D. Weyler
Design Director
New England Laboratory Casework Co., Inc.
Woburn, MA

Creative Approach
Lynne Damianos and the staff of Damianos Photography are a pleasure to work with. I really appreciate Lynne’s creativity in picking the most advantageous angles to showcase a property. She is also very attentive to detail when setting up shots and sensitive to client demands. Sometimes our clients are hesitant to give us access to their space for security reasons, and Damianos Photography is very skillful in negotiating with them.

Kasia Bytnerowicz
Interactive Design Manager
Spaulding & Slye – A member of the Jones Lang LaSalle group
Boston, MA 02109

Corporate Photography Workshop
I just wanted to let you know what a fine job you did on the photo training. Everyone was favorably impressed. Even those with experience gained useful knowledge. I am attaching excerpts from emails I have received from my team. You will see that you really made an impact. It was a pleasure meeting you and learning from you.


Mike Cowart
Project Manager, Hardware Documentation
Adaptive Technical Communications Lab (ATCL)
Richardson TX

Lynne Damianos presented an excellent workshop filled with many tips that were immediately useful. The workshop had a good balance of theory, principles, and practical hands-on work. I was immediately able to see a difference in the digital photos I’ve taken, and there is a great improvement.

The class was nicely oriented to the way we do our jobs. So, it was very practical not just theoretical. For example, we learned to work with fluorescent and other kinds of lighting. I think the class also helps people learn to modify their setups and provides ideas on some basic tools to have to help with that. It was just right for our needs.

I thought Lynne’s class was very effective. It kept my attention even though I consider myself an experienced photographer.

The session was very good and beneficial. The instructor was competent and helpful. She focused on what she assessed to be the basics and targeted our questions specifically.

She was very knowledgeable, easy to understand, and able to deliver the subject matter, even though there were some varying differences in skill levels of the students in the class.

I thought I wouldn't get much out of this class, because it sounded pretty advanced. While the class was informatively very dense, and it will take me quite a while to absorb what I learned, I thought this was an excellent class. The instructor made a point of making sure that everyone got a chance to work with the cameras and apply what was presented in the class. Overall, I give this class a 10 out of 10.

I’ve already applied some of the techniques we learned in class; even the simplest of changes helped produce a much better quality photo. I have been a little skeptical of the effectiveness of photos vs. line art, but after seeing how good our photos can be, I’ve changed my mind!

Environmental Portraits - Excellent Job!
I just wanted to send a THANKS to you and your group for a superb job! I finally had a chance to print out all the proof sheets from our shoot and show them off to the principals – they were thrilled! So, I just wanted to send you an email informing you of their happiness. Now comes the hard part for us – the decision making. We are meeting with the website designer tomorrow and hope to come to a decision by early next week. I'll be in touch! Thanks again for a job well done!

Kirsten M. Eggert
Marketing Manager
Richard D. Kimball Company, Inc.
Andover MA

Three Points of Interest about Damianos Photography
I just looked at the gorgeous photo Lynne took at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. She is the consummate artist with an unfailing ability to pick just the right angle, time of day (or night) and lighting to make her subject(s) photograph beautifully. Give her my best – thanks.

Natalie Camper
The Camper Group
Brookline MA

Calendar Girls Photographs
I have to add: those shots of Janet by the river are really beautiful – like a fine painting!

Diane Engel
Framingham, MA

Calendar Girls - take two - beautiful
Wonderful pictures of Mary, especially 3/12 but they are all good. We are so fortunate to have you working on this project -- you have come up with some incredible pictures!!!!!!!!! We are all looking forward to seeing the new calendar and we all know, too, that it was your skill, good taste and imagination that make it a success. Thank you again.

Faith Waters
Framingham MA

Longwood Enlargement
Just wanted to let you know that I received the Longwood Towers photo the other day – it looks beautiful!! Thanks for working on it. I will be sending another photo soon that we’d like blown up to a slightly smaller size. Thanks again!

Heidi Schonland
Assistant Marketing Manager
Tishman Construction
Boston MA

Beautiful Retouching
I just got home and opened the FedEx package. Wow! What a great job you did. It looks fabulous. Michael extends his sincere thanks and appreciation for your generosity. We got a little teary-eyed looking at the photo – remembering his dad (who passed away 5 years ago). We plan to frame both photos and share one with Patrick, the little guy on the left of the photo during the holidays. Many thanks to you!!! :)

Elaine P.
Plymouth MA

Capturing Architecture Past and Present Workshop
Thank you again for making room for me at the workshop. Your ability to explain the necessary details was crystal clear! Hope to see more of you soon.

Elena Balmaseda-Scherer
Dorchester Center MA

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