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Framingham Centre Common Historic District Framingham State University

A bird's eye view of Framingham Centre Common and Framingham State University by Lynne Damianos.

Our New Camera has Wings!

We are now FAA Certified to fly our drone, which boasts a Hasselblad lens and an image size equivalent to our high end camera system.

Sometimes the best point of view is elevated so that the relationship of various elements in the built and/or natural environments may be seen in a broader context than from the ground level, or if the subject is on a slope. A bird’s eye view may eliminate obstacles such as trees, wires or other structures that would otherwise hinder the view.

To highlight the newly designated Framingham Centre Common Cultural District, we created the photographs featured above: the Framingham Centre Common area including the Framingham History Center, Village Hall, Danforth Museum, Old Academy and First Parish Church, plus a separate view of the Framingham State University Campus.

Drone photography is great for:

  • Showcasing an entire campus or a group of buildings
  • A broad or unusual view
  • Supplementing traditional photography
  • Capturing a large group of people
  • No more ladders, lifts or cherry-pickers!

Contact us to launch your idea. We would love to take your next project to a new level.


Free Photo Workshop

Nature Photography Tips
Thursday, June 18, 2020 from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
via Zoom with Lynne Damianos

Learn how to improve your photographs (nature oriented or otherwise) during this one-hour complementary workshop while you create images at home. Suitable for photographers of all skill levels with a camera or smart phone. Register here.

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